Tuesday, May 19, 2009

supermomISH moms unite!

i have dreamed about being a mom all my life. okay, maybe not the first 3 years. but from age 4 and on? oh yeah. in more recent years i had all these ideas about what kind of mom i was going to be. i even wrote letters to my "future self" about what i hoped to do - imposing expectations before i even knew what motherhood was like. i have only been a mom for 4 months now - but i have already seen the light, hallelujah! my visions of supermom are now a thing of the past.

so i'm sitting here thinking, i need a name that exposes my flaws, but still says "supermomish". twenty attempts later i think, "hey, why not supermomish!". ta daaa!

so what exactly IS being supermomISH? it's...well, what i'm doing right now, writing this blog. it's the fine art of being a fantastic mom, while still making time for who you are. even if that means making my baby take a nap in his swing instead of my arms while i do a little something for me. does that make me a bad mom? i think the opposite, actually. but that's the thing. point 20 moms my way and i'd bet 10-15 of them would be wagging their fingers at me. so here's the point of this whole thing. I'M NOT PERFECT! i admit it, and embrace it. and i will not judge, because motherhood should be a united part of sisterhood, not a fierce competition.

supermom is fantastic, but i want to keep my sanity. i will not feel guilty for being "good enough". being supermomISH is plenty for me.

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  1. Hi, I guess Im your first =) Welcome!

    I found you on viralogy.com

    Im a mom of 3, I love taking pics, and I insist on being a MILF (whenever possible of course). Im no supermom, but Im an ok mom. My kids are fed, happy, smart, good looking, so I think I do a good job, and that's fine, I hope.

    Pass by my place anytime